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Why Harrington’s?

Stability and Accuracy

Harrington Precast units are manufactured under factory conditions at our automated works, located in Baldoyle, Dublin 13. We are ideally positioned near the M50 Motorway, to allow easy access to Irelands main road networks. Manufacturing in a controlled factory environment, produces units of high quality performance and appearance. Each unit maufactured by Harrington Precast is inspected after manufacture and before installation to ensure appropriate standards and finishes. Bad weather has no effect on manufacture and the on-site installation process is fast and efficient, as the units are already cured, with excellent in-built fireproofing properties.

At Harringtons, our factory production control measures ensure that each precast unit is manufactured accurately. Structural connections can be adjusted on-site, which allows simple and rapid erection to precise dimensions, greatly assisting our roofing & cladding division. Harrington Precast achieve longer spans and shallower construction depths by incorporating our prestressing system into each frame design.

Speed of Construction

Speed of construction is a major consideration on a building project and it is here that a Harrington Precast structure excels. By minimising the number of sub-contrators required on-site, Harringtons can greatly simplify contract programming and reduce pressures on a management team. Together Harrington Precast and Harrington Roofing can provide dry working areas with speed, allowing the structure to be released to following trades.

Why choose concrete?

 Frame Cost

In addition to the economic advantages of fast construction, the capital costs of a Harrington Precast Frame, can be less than alternative framing methods, designed to give equivalent reliability and performance. The potential cost savings a Harrington structure can offer, given that they are extremly fire-safe and durable is worth considering. Harrington structures are manufactured to maximise the use of Irish raw materials, insuring the spread of employment to other domestic industries.

Project Cost

The cost of a building is dependent on the speed of construction. Harrington structures are designed to allow fast erection on-site, as the concrete units are pre-fabricated off-site. Once the precast structure is installed there is no need for additional time-consuming, curing or fire-proofing as it is already in-built during manufacture. Once the structure is braced Harrington Roofing can take control and complete the external sheeting using, in most cases, composite panels, to further increase installation speed and release the building to following trades. By minimising the number of sub-contractors a Harrington structure will help to reduce traditional time schedules, so that final completion will arive sooner.

Fire Ratings

PC units have their own natural, in-built fire protection. Alternative framing methods require secondary protective coatings and maintenance to obtain equivalent standards. A one hour fire resistance is standard for all Harrington PC units and up to four hours can be achieved, on request.

Thermal Capacity

A concrete structure can help regulate building temperatures due to it’s high thermal capacity, saving on heat loss and reducing the risk of condensation. When incorporated with adequate insulated roofing and cladding, long run heating costs, for a building, will prove cheaper.